Domestic Relations

ItemFee Amount
Dissolution of Marriage, Simplified Dissolution, and Annulment (Chapter 61, Florida Statutes)$408
Upon Institution of Other Civil Actions by:
  1. Adoptions, Chapter 61, Florida Statutes
  2. Custody by relative other than parent, Chapter 751, Florida Statutes
  3. Emancipation, Chapter 743, Florida Statutes
  4. Name Change, Chapter 68, Florida Statutes
Upon Institution of actions in:
  1. Proceedings relating to children (file in Juvenile Division), Chapter 39, Florida Statutes
  2. Alimony, Custody, Registration of Child Custody Determination, Separate Maintenance and Support, Chapter 61, Florida Statutes
  3. Determination Parentage, Chapter 742, Florida Statutes
  4. Grandparents Visitation Rights, Chapter 752, Florida Statutes
  5. Supervised Visitation, Chapter 753, Florida Statutes
Filing counter-petition for Dissolution of Marriage$295
Injunction for Protection - Domestic, Repeat, Sexual, and Dating ViolenceNo Fee
Issuing each summons$10
Reopen Fee/Petition for Modification$50
An additional charge to be paid by the party seeking each severance that is granted$18
Additional service charge for Garnishment, Attachment, Replevin, and Distress$85
Fee for alimony or child support is 4% of payment but not less than $1 nor more than $5.254% not to exceed $5.25
Court Ordered Mediation Per Person Per Session: Combined Income less than $50,000$60
Court Ordered Mediation Per Person Per Session: Combined Income more than $50,000$120
Clerk's Certificate$7
From each attorney appearing Pro Hac Vice$100
For administering oath, attesting, and sealing$3.50