Foreclosure Sales

Foreclosure sales are sales of properties ordered to be sold pursuant to final judgments in foreclosure actions. The properties are offered for sale to the highest bidder in order to satisfy the judgment. The Clerk of the Circuit Court conducts the sale or public auction in accordance with Florida Statutes.

The information below offers a general overview of the foreclosure process; however, these proceedings are governed by Florida Statutes and appellate case law interpreting these statutes. Anyone participating in these auctions should research not only the properties involved but foreclosure court case records and all applicable laws governing the process.

Foreclosure Sale Dispositions

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In actions to foreclose mortgages or liens on real property, the court, in its final judgment will order a judicial sale of the property. The clerk conducts the sale in accordance with statutes governing judicial sales, set forth in Chapter 45, Florida Statutes. The plaintiff is entitled to a setoff bid up to the amount of the judgment plus any additional amounts due the plaintiff by court order or affidavit filed with the clerk. While foreclosure judgments foreclose the interests of inferior mortgagees, lienholders and any other persons or entities named as parties to the action, served with process and whose interests are legally foreclosed by the court, title issued by the clerk after a judicial sale is not warranted to be free of any potential claims.  BUYER BEWARE! All properties are sold “AS IS”. Bidders are responsible for conducting their own research as to the property being sold, its location or condition, the condition of  any structures or fixtures thereon, its marketability, potential uses, zoning, or whether any other potential liens or other defects in title that may exist.

The Clerk’s Office is not authorized to give legal advice. If you require legal advice, you should obtain it from an attorney or some other source. The Clerk’s office makes no representation about the condition, marketability, existing or potential uses, title, or encumbrances or existence of any condition, zoning regulation or law that may affect current or future uses of the property, regarding any property and structures or fixtures thereon offered for sale by the Clerk.